Karlie Kloss And Joshua Kushner Had A Second Wedding Celebration

Karlie Kloss And Joshua Kushner Had A Second Wedding Celebration

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Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner had a small wedding reception in upstate New York about a year ago, but the couple had always said they wanted to host a bigger party for friends and family. That finally happened this weekend, when Kloss and Kushner threw a second celebration in Wyoming, attended by stars such as Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

Several guests posted photos of the Wyoming get-together on social media, offering a few glimpses into the beautifully rustic setting where the party was held. “May your marriage be as intense and long lasting as my hangover from this weekend,” the couple's friend Derek Blasberg captioned three photos, including one that shows Kloss in a white, off-the-shoulder lace gown. Another image showed a small bottle of tequila with the couple's face on it, seemingly indicating a party favor Kloss and Kushner gave to everyone.

“Our best friends' wedding,” Garage magazine editor Dasha Zhukova wrote in a photo of her with the couple. Bloom, meanwhile, uploaded a picture of him and his fiancé Perry standing over a bright pink sunset, captioning it, "Wonderful weekend of being loved and celebrating love, congrats to a beautiful union."

Kloss and Kushner had their first wedding on October 18, 2018, after three months of being engaged. For the occasion, Kloss opted for a classic bridal look by choosing an elegant lace Dior gown with long sleeves. Photos that they'd previously shared indicate that the intimate ceremony was a much more traditional wedding, while the Wyoming one looked like a chance to kick back with friends.

During an interview at the 2019 Winter Television Critics Association press tour, Kloss gushed about how much she's loving married life.

"Honestly, I just feel really happy. It's so nice to just have a home base. I can't explain. Nothing has really changed, but in all the best ways, it feels different. I love it," she said, adding, "I feel really grateful that I have a partner, my husband, who's an incredible support to me and wants to help me accomplish my dreams no matter what they are.” A second congrats to the happy couple!

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