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Honeymoon Flight Essentials, Courtesy of Rashida Jones

Honeymoon Flight Essentials, Courtesy of Rashida Jones

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Actress Rashida Jones has teamed up with Away for the brand's latest Edition capsule collection, and you're going to want to get your hands on every piece before packing for your honeymoon. Inspired by her trips to Stockholm and the city's colorful landscape, Jones dreamed up three gorgeous shades for Aways's limited run of its four classic sizes, the Carry-On ($225), the Bigger Carry-On ($245), the Medium ($275), and the Large ($295). "I had an earnest desire to design luggage for a really long time," Jones says of the collaboration. "I think it's probably because I travel so much, and when I first traveled with a piece of Away luggage, I found it to be my dream idea of what luggage should be-durable, functional, cute, simple, not fussy, and not too serious." The carefully curated Cactus, Clay, and Violet pastel colorways will be available as of today, and to celebrate the Edition: RJ capsule, Jones shares her in-flight beauty routine.

Courtesy of Away

"When I get on the plane, I usually spray my face with Caudalie Mist," says Jones of the first step in her routine. "I also have this Tata Harper oil that I usually put on or this new oil I just picked up from True Botanicals." Once her skin is prepped, she moisturizes her eyes and lips. "I'll put some Charlotte Tilbury eye cream on and slather a ton of Lucas Papaw on my lips." She adds that she spritzes every couple hours, and upon landing, she reaches for a full-on sheet mask, no matter how strange it might look to her fellow passengers: "I love those SK-II masks, or Dr. Jart+ makes a lot of great masks. If I'm feeling brave enough, I'll do a mask on the plane; I just accept that everybody is going to think I'm crazy and just go for it." Now that's commitment to beauty.

In addition to the stunning luggage, the Edition: RJ collection also features the Stockholm Tote ($95), a sleek black bag that fits all the essentials-including those in-flight beauty products-you'll want to keep handy during your travels. "I wanted to create the perfect tote that was just big enough to fit the smallest computer, but not so big that it was going to break your back when you picked it up or fall off your luggage when placed on top. It is designed so you can easily access your magazine or your water or your plane ticket. It was about completing the experience of having an efficient travel day."

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