10 Meaningful Gifts for the Groom from the Bride (Other Than the Traditional Watch)

10 Meaningful Gifts for the Groom from the Bride (Other Than the Traditional Watch)

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Nothing says you can't wait to say “I do” quite like gifts for the groom from the bride on the day of the wedding. Your fiancé deserves something special before you walk down the aisle (especially if he had to endure any Bridezilla moments) and, after all, it's his day, too. Spread the love with something that says sentimental without being overly sappy, but don't feel the need to go the super extravagant route. While marrying you is obviously a present in and of itself, we rounded up ten gifts for your groom that he'll love almost as much as his soon-to-be-bride. From personalized wine coolers to wedding-ready cufflinks, these meaningful picks go above and beyond the go-to watch gift.

1. Kate Spade New York Crown Point Invitation Bridal Picture Frame

Courtesy of Kate Spade New York

Following your wedding, you and your groom will have no shortage of photos from the big day to fondly reminisce about together. In preparation, gift your groom with a new frame that's (almost) as good looking as the wedding picture that will later be placed inside. Plus, you can showcase your wedding invitation alongside the snapshot of you with your groom.


2. XO Brass Cufflinks

Courtesy of Izola

We love a nice pair of cufflinks because there's an option to suit every style. Whether a simple silver square with your first initial engraved in one and his in another, or a pair of significant shapes (a typewriter key for the writer; a ball and bat for the baseball lover), cufflinks can actually be very personal while an elegant reminder of your wedding.


3. Custom Star Map Poster

Courtesy of Finch and Cotter

If you want to go the sentimental route, it can be a bit of a challenge finding the right gift for your groom that doesn't err on the cheesy side. However, there's plenty of unique ways to pull it off and make your present ultra personal for your future spouse. Naturally, since your love was written in the stars, celebrate the fact with a one-of-a-kind reminder of your big day. This poster features a map of the stars from any night and location of your choosing. Whether you decide to commemorate your first date, first kiss, or, most likely, your wedding night, this little dose of cosmic energy also doubles as excellent newlywed home decor that you both can benefit from.

4. Ours Decanter Set

Courtesy of Love & Victory

Indulge your groom with a gift that perfectly emulates the "what's mine is yours" mentality. You each won't have to fight over glasses thanks to the "His" and "Hers" labels, and not to get too symbolic over here, but the decanter reflects the start of your new shared life together. After planning an entire wedding, you and your groom certainly deserve a drink or two, to say the least.

5. To Have, To Hold Card

Courtesy of BHLDN

Don't underestimate your guy's soft center just because of his tough exterior, and every man loves to be told he's your Mister Wonderful. The biggest gift you're giving each other is the promise of your future, so put that in writing with a love note to be opened on your wedding day. While it may seem corny, go ahead and acquaint yourself now with expressing those lovey-dovey feelings. It's something your spouse would like to hear more often than you'd think, we guarantee.

6. Tan Leather Toiletry Bag

Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

While he may only be a groom for one day, he can now stay perfectly well-groomed for the entirety of your marriage. A durable leather toiletry bag will always come in handy, whether you two are headed off to an anniversary getaway or simply just need more organizational tools in your bathroom. He'll love the convenience of having his grooming essentials in one place, and you'll love that he'll no longer keep his toothbrush laying around. Plus, he'll now think of your wedding day whenever he reaches to grab his shaving cream.

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7. Sugarfina "I Love you" Candy Trunk

Courtesy of Sugarfina

If your candy man prefers sweet over savory, nothing says love better than appealing to his sweet tooth on the big day, especially when the packaging further spells it out. This big blue box is stuffed to the brim with 20 different candy cubes, from yummy gummies to chocolate-flavored pearls. It's apparent he already loves you with all his confection-obsessed heart, but this sugary gift will seal the deal even further. With luck, because of the obscene amount of candies, he'll hopefully share the goods with you.

8. Personalized Marble Wine Cooler

Courtesy of Marbletree

Tying the knot in wine country? Give your groom an item that nods to the wedding, like a vino cooler emblazoned with the date of your big day. Add a bottle of your favorite pair of red or white to complete the gift, and maybe share a glass together before the ceremony begins. If you plan to save a bottle from your wedding to pop open during a future special occasion, this romantic vino accessory will definitely come in handy.

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9. Men's Monogrammed Handkerchief

Courtesy of Donovan Design Linens

Help your dapper groom accessorize in style on the big day. But don't settle for any old pocket square-take his wedding-ready accessory to the next level with his initials and your wedding date stitched into the linen.

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10. Poetry Match Striker

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

In honor of finding your perfect match, keep your groom's gift small and simple, yet utterly sentimental. Served up in an apothecary match bottle that reads "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness," this present will remind your future spouse that he's still the light of your life. Keep the spark alive with 120 matches and striking flint on the bottle's side.

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