4 Things You Shouldn't Tell Your Parents About Your Relationship

4 Things You Shouldn't Tell Your Parents About Your Relationship

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If you're close to your mom and dad, join the club. There's a good hunk of women that, as they age, consider their parents their real BFFs. But just because you have a super-close bond with the man and woman who raised you doesn't mean you have to divulge to them every detail of your romantic relationship.

So before you start talking, say, sex with mom and dad, take a moment to reconsider by reading these four things you should never discuss with your family.

The details of your most recent argument.

"Too much information will send sensitive parents on an emotional roller coaster," says relationship expert April Masini. "Don't create derivative drama by giving them a blow-by-blow on problems you're having. Limit your information output to match their sensitivity level."

If you're not ready for the next step - and your parents already have your kids' names picked out.

"If you've got parents who want you and your husband have kids, and you're not there, any information you give them is going to set off baby bells," she says. "Report in on a need-to-know basis."

Your sex life.

"There are certain sex acts that your parents, for the most part, don't want to know about," says Masini. "Don't share new positions, Fifty Shades of Grey influences and other experimental details of your sex life with your parents. You're going to freak them out, and it's not really respectful. Sometimes sharing is overrated."

Anything you don't want your entire family to know.

"If a tsunami warning system has nothing on your parents, and telling them a simple relationship fact means that the entire eastern seaboard knows it within 20 minutes, don't expect otherwise," she says. "Reconsider telling them you're four-weeks pregnant or that you and your husband are having some issues. Unless, of course, you want a free press agent without a filter."


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