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Ask Drew: Drew Barrymore Answers Your Bridal Beauty Questions

Ask Drew: Drew Barrymore Answers Your Bridal Beauty Questions

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Brides beauty columnist Drew Barrymore - actress, producer, and founder of Flower Beauty - is here to answer your questions. This time, she's sharing her tips on how to get flawless skin without foundation, unclogging your pores, and her favorite updos.

Q: I really hate foundation, but everyone's telling me I should wear it for my wedding. Are there any products you like that will even out my skin without making me look like a different person?

I'm with you: I do not like, nor have I ever liked, full-coverage foundation. Try applying concealer under your eyes and over blemishes, followed by a good tinted moisturizer to even out your overall complexion. (You can use your hands or a brush.) Stila, Laura Mercier, and my company, Flower Beauty, all make great ones that are foolproof and easy to apply and let you still be you.

Q: Can we talk pores for a second? Mine are huge! How can I unclog them without getting extractions?

Use a toner. I like Kiehl's; the company has one for each skin type. Toner will help tighten pores and keep them clean. Another thing I've learned is that the order in which you wash your face and apply your products can help protect your skin. First, cleanse your face. Second, use your toner. Third, moisturize. Fourth, apply your makeup. Each layer acts as the proper barrier to the next one. I always do this, and it really helps. One more game-changing tip: No matter how tired you are, wash your face before bed!

Q: I'm wearing a really classic dress with my hair up. What's a great updo that feels current?

One way to make any style feel special and very now is to add a braided detail. You can do a soft one across your head like a headband or a tucked-in fishtail, or work a thick braid into a chignon. As for placement, I love a topknot, a ballerina bun (which is a bit further back), or a chic low bun. Go with whatever's flatting to your features. There are endless combinations, so just play before the big day.

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