5 Wedding Etiquette Tips for Attending a Wedding Solo

5 Wedding Etiquette Tips for Attending a Wedding Solo

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While it's always nice to attend a wedding with a date in tow, you may end up getting an invitation with only your name on the front, which means you'll be celebrating solo. Don't panic! Our experts have a few wedding etiquette tips that will make the night as fun as ever, even without a plus-one.

1. RSVP Correctly

If you're invited to a wedding on your own, don't try to get yourself a plus-one by adding an extra person to your RSVP card. Instead, let the couple know if you will or won't be attending, and leave it at that!

2. Find Out Who Else is Invited the Right Way

Instead of gabbing to your friends about who is and isn't invited, don't be embarrassed to ask the bride or groom directly. Let them know you're looking to carpool or split a hotel room, and find out which of your friends will be attending, as well.

3. Put the Phone Down

It's tempting to spend the night on Instagram, but what's the point of attending if you won't be enjoying it? Stash your phone in your purse, people-watch if you're a little uncomfortable, and be open to what the night may bring.

4. Make New Friends

Hopefully you'll have a friend or two on the guest list, but if you don't, strike up a conversation with the person next to you at your table. There's probably a reason the bride and groom wanted you seated at the same table, whether you're from a similar area, work in the same field, or have a passion in common. Find out what it is!

5. Have Fun!

Whether it's jumping in the photo booth with your new tablemate or heading to the dance floor when the DJ throws on a crowd favorite, put yourself out there. If you're having fun, the people around you will naturally want to include you in the fun you're having, which means you won't be on your own anymore!

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