Best NJ Food Trucks To Have At Your Wedding

Best NJ Food Trucks To Have At Your Wedding

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Combining gourmet food, unique menus and convenience, the food truck craze is currently sweeping the country. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before couples opted to incorporate this trend into their big days, too. Thinking about having a food truck at your big day? Then look no further than our list of the best New Jersey food trucks ideal for a wedding.

The Taco Truck (Hoboken)
Taco lovers, rejoice! Every day (including your wedding day which we highly doubt is on a Tuesday) can now be Taco Tuesday - thanks to The Taco Truck. Offering award-winning and authentic Mexican street food using local and all-natural ingredients, TTT incorporates co-founders Jason Scott and Chris Viola's fine dining background to create their casual yet exciting menu. Think of the deliciousness and photo ops to come.

Stewarts Root Beer (Lumberton)
Seriously, what's more Jersey than Stewart's? Incorporate your love of New Jersey and this tasty soda by commissioning the Stewart's Food Concession Trailer to serve up their novelty menu for your wedding guests. Within their trailer (featuring charming signature Stewart's artwork and ambiance), they'll serve up their iconic root beer, hot dogs, floats, and ice cream - leaving your guests with full bellies and smiles on their faces.

Flirty Desserts (North Brunswick)
Milkshakes, ice cream cupcakes, and Italian ices are a few of our favorite wedding dessert things. This full service dessert truck satisfies the sweetest of sweet tooth cravings throughout most of New Jersey with their delectable creations, classic ice cream offerings, and more. Husband and wife duo Jason and Tameka Milline offer competitive rates and custom packages to customize your wedding's dessert needs. They also provide buffet and candy favors, if so inclined.

Max's Famous Hot Dogs (Long Branch)
Specializing in their famous foot-long hot dogs and all the 'fixins, Max's Famous Hot Dogs make the perfect, portable treat for your wedding after party. With burgers, chicken, fries, and veggie burgers also available, Max's offers a wide variety of menu items to keep your guests satiated and ready to party long after the reception has come to an end.

French Quarter Food Truck (Hoboken)
Laissez les bons temps rouler (Cajun for “Let the good times roll”), is definitely the essential catchphrase when it comes to the French Quarter Food Truck. Whether you have an affinity for New Orleans or are just a lover of delicious food, this truck has it all - with a side of NOLA flare. Having lived where it all began, owner Jay worked in the best Louisiana kitchens before returning to NJ and sharing his New Orleans cuisine with his newfound customers. From muffaletta to jambalaya (which are just as delectable as they are fun to say), the French Quarter Food truck can deliver incredible food (and fun) to your big day.

Lombardi Pizza Company (Martinsville)
What party is complete without late night pizza? Easy answer - none. Lombardi Pizza Company specializes in crisp and delicious Neapolitan style pizza cooked in their wood-fired ovens, all on a truck. With pie varieties including classic Margherita, chorizo, or white goat cheese, Lombardi Pizza Co. truly has something for everyone with their fresh out of the oven pizza. Mangia bene.

Cupcake Carnivale (Princeton)
This award-winning cupcake truck bakes fresh cupcakes daily with natural (and premium) ingredients. Recipient of the 2014 “Most Seductive Sweet” award from the Star Ledger's Jersey Shore Food Truck Wars and acknowledged as one of Zagat's 10 Must-Try Food Trucks in the US (get links for these!), this truck provides tantalizing flavors including Coconut-Mint Calypso, Chocolate-Guinness Geronimo, and Strawberry Margaritaville, among many others. Ditch the traditional Viennese hour and have Cupcake Carnivale provide a sweet ending to your new beginning.


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