This Hamilton Wedding Speech Might Be the Most Epic Toast of All Time

This Hamilton Wedding Speech Might Be the Most Epic Toast of All Time

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It's safe to say that the breakout wedding star of the year - in more ways that one - is Hamilton. Groomsmen all over the country are taking the stage at weddings and performing their renditions of the hit Broadway musical-rap, and to prove that point, we've found a new wedding toast to the tune of "My Shot" to take the (wedding) cake.

The best man began the epic serenade pretty modestly, telling the bride and groom, “I've written a little poem for you two.” As he began his "poem," he all of a sudden stopped in his tracks and said, “You know what? If I'm going to do anything about Hamilton, I'm going to sing it.” The crowd obviously went wild.

"First and most important, love each other whole-hearted," he crooned to the tune of "My Shot," one of the musical's most note-worthy tunes, while offering up both advice and a good ol' fashioned wedding roast to boot. "Open up and trust each other, don't let yourselves be too guarded. A policy of honesty is what Matt will want to see, but Matt will call her out every time that she's farted!" TouchГ© there buddy - we're sure the bride was thrilled at that revelation.

The groomsman continued with his performance, mimicking the lyrics of the musical's refrain, saying, "I know it's sounds sappy but they're young and in love and happy, and they're not throwing away their shot." The audience began to clap and sang along, clearly loving it.

"Third on my list is to safely commit to one another my brother and I have to admit, the vow you made tonight to the love of your life, who, by the way looks out of sight." He went on to share the story of how they met and even what the bride absolutely loves. "Bring her back a cheese and Haagen Daasz and put on some Real Housewives," he rapped. Now that's the way to a woman's heart.

As he got further and further through the song, the wedding singer and the audience joined along. "They're not throwing away their shot," they repeated, and even the bride and groom stood and clapped along. At the end, the couple of honor hugged him as the crowd cheered. It's safe to say (but probably doesn't even need to be said) that Lin Manuel Miranda would be proud.