WATCH: Two Sisters Sing a Hysterical Wedding Toast

WATCH: Two Sisters Sing a Hysterical Wedding Toast

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Greatest wedding toast of all time! from Chair7 Films on Vimeo.

The toast: It's the stuff of pre-wedding nightmares for nearly ever maid of honor and best man, but not all! While there are plenty of great tips for nailing your post-nuptial congratulatory speech, the one most attendants heed is keep it light and keep it funny. And now, with millennials stepping up to the mic to offer kind words about newly married couples, there's a big trend emerging - the song mash up.

Blame Pitch Perfect or best man Joe (whose hilarious Frozen-themed toast went viral and seemingly spurred the necessity for attendants to showcase their vocal prowess between champagne and dinner), but it's clear these over-the-top speeches are here to stay. And the latest to garner our praises? Kelsey and Maddie Hallerman's incredible five-minute-long mash up, captured by Chair7 Films.

These two sisters hilariously hit the mic with revamped lyrics in hand for a surprisingly sentimental and informative toast in honor of their sister, Caitlin. Set to the tunes of Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason," the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," the Backstreet Boys' "Everybody," and Michael Jackson's "Black or White" these 'maids set the bar high for future vocal endeavors. It starts with a rundown of the two families - the Hallermans and the Weavers. Then the duo, dressed in blush gowns, dish on how Caitlin and her new husband, Johnny, first met. While away at college, Caitlin and Johnny went to a movie for their first date, and the couple clearly hit it off. One of the more hilarious moments was when the two sisters sing, "Caitlin Hallerman got a boyfriend, he's Republican, he leans to the right, to Caitlin's delight!"

They finish out the song detailing Caitlin and Johnny's engagement and the wedding day before running up to their sister and new brother-in-law to congratulate the pair. Throughout the entire video, the bride is brought to tears and the groom cannot stop saying, "Wow!" Based on their reactions, the surprising toast is clearly a success. A guest even says, "This is going to go viral!" halfway through the video. So if you're penning your maid of honor speech this weekend, consider taking a cue from these creative MOHs!


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