Former Miss USA Alyssa Campanella Is Married: See Her Gorgeous Lace Wedding Dress

Former Miss USA Alyssa Campanella Is Married: See Her Gorgeous Lace Wedding Dress

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We're sure that back in 2011, when Alyssa Campanella was crowned Miss USA, she never thought anything could top that moment. Well, this might just take the (wedding) cake. The former national pageant winner just married her longtime love, Reign actor Torrance Coombs, and their California vineyard nuptials earned a perfect score from our judges.

"After six beautiful years together, this just feels right and how it's supposed to be," Campanella told People of her April 2 wedding to the CW star. A pageant queen and an on-screen monarchy member? Now this is what we call a royal wedding! "Torrance has been my husband in my heart for years, and now it is really official," gushed the beautiful bride.

The romantic alfresco event, which took place at Santa Ynez, California's Sunstone Vineyards, was every bit as gorgeous as one could imagine. But even the sun-drenched luxe landscape couldn't compete with Campanella's wedding dress. The now-fashion blogger knew what she was doing when she choose a French lace and silk gown with dainty illusion sleeves and a 12-foot cathedral train, crafted by designer Lauren Elaine. The bride's inspiration for the ultra-romantic frock? Grace Kelly's classic 1956 wedding dress and Kate Middleton's 2011 iconic gown.

According to People, Campanella's gaggle of bridesmaids also donned Lauren Elaine creations in various hues of cream and ivory, complete with chapel-length trains of ivory silk and chiffon. Guess years of choosing pageant gowns will teach you a thing or two about shopping for the perfect dress!

As a former pageant pro, Campanella is no stranger to costume changes. The bride slipped into a modern caped reception dress after the "I dos." And as the night went on, guests munched on a floral-adorned naked wedding cake, danced under the stars, and Instagrammed the affair using one of the cutest wedding hashtags we've ever seen. This former Miss USA has definitely earned her wedding planning crown!

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