7 Reasons You Might Want to Take His Last Name

7 Reasons You Might Want to Take His Last Name

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While there's definitely no right or wrong answer when it comes to taking your husband's last name, there are a few good reasons you may want to consider becoming Mrs. insert his surname here, whether it's for the sake of future kids, your career… or just because his name is easier to pronounce.

1. It bonds you together.
If you study spirituality, feng shui and energy, numbers and names mean a lot to what you can manifest, tells renowned celebrity relationship expert Audrey Hope. “And so when you join names, you're declaring to the universe that you're a complete unit. 'Together' is a powerful energy, which solidifies the marriage bond.”

2. It's a prestigious surname.
Erin Borges, founder of Cold Feet Wedding Socks, married a well-respected doctor locally, so taking his last name made the most sense, she tells us. “Additionally, I'm also a business owner and his last name (Borges) is catchy because it rhymes with gorgeous. That has proven to be a great icebreaker in communications.” Her maiden name wasn't all that flattering either so making the switch was really a no-brainer.

3. It shows your commitment.
Not only does changing your last name show you're fully committed to the marriage (kind of like having a prenuptial agreement sans all the risk), but it's also an act of love, points out Scott Carroll, MD, a psychiatrist, relationship expert and the author of Don't Settle: How to Marry the Man You Were Meant For. “It means a lot to men when their wife takes their name,” he says.

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4. It's more convenient and easier for you with kids.
Probably one of the most popular reasons to take his last name is if you plan on having kids together in the future. “You'll have the same surname as them, which avoids all kinds of confusion and awkwardness at school, hospitals and when you're flying,” explains Carroll.

5. People will know you're truly off the market.
Because there's no better way to tell the world you're taken! Old boyfriends, business associates, and you know, all those other stalkers you have on social media, will see the name change, effectively communicating that you got married and nope, it's not okay to flirt, notes Hope.

6. You're just not that into your own last name.
Some people grow up always having to spell out a hard-to-say last name or wind up constantly correcting people who can't pronounce it properly. In this case, it might be a nice change of pace to have an easy to spell and say out loud last name. If anything, it would certainly cut down on some frustrations and annoying run-ins!

7. To help you feel like you “fit in.”
Immigration attorney Renata Castro, Esq. of Castro Legal Group tell us she has several clients who choose to take their spouse's last name if it's slightly more American sounding. “I have also seen brides that do so because they wanted to feel more included in their spouse's circle. In this circumstance, the bride is often a foreigner and the spouse is American,” she says.