You Can Now Rent Wedding Bouncy Castles for Your Big Day (and Inner Child)

You Can Now Rent Wedding Bouncy Castles for Your Big Day (and Inner Child)

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Everyone wants their guests to have a great time at their wedding reception. That's what all the dancing, delicious food, and games are all about, right? Well, there is now a way to level-up on the reception fun that'll totally bring out your inner child. Adult bouncy houses-that are made specifically for weddings-now exist, and we're basically jumping for joy.

British wedding rental company A Wedding Wonderland created the ultimate wedding reception addition: an adult-sized bouncy house made to look like a real-life castle. According to the website, the castle requires a nearly 20 x 25 foot space to fit in, and can be decorated in the wedding theme of the bride and groom's choice. For example, some renters have opted for traditional white flower decor around the outside of the castle, while others have gone for a more colorful look by adding bright paper decorations hanging from the front of the structure.

Everyone's inner kid is going to love this hilarious party prop-especially after cocktail hour! But sadly, there is a catch to this amazing service. Because the company has had SO many requests from brides and grooms, they have now limited their clientele to individuals in North East England within a 50 mile radius of postcode TS15 9PJ, and just for those requesting rentals for the years 2018 to 2019. Sorry, everyone.

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But fear not: Other rental companies quickly hopped on the bouncy castle bandwagon, and now U.K. companies like 1 Entertainment and Mr Bouncy Castle are also offering couples white inflatable castles to use on their big day. While it looks like you may have to be a Brit to enjoy this reception activity as of right now, here's hoping that it makes its way across the pond soon. (Side note: Does anyone think a bouncy castle might make an appearance at the royal wedding reception?)


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