This Bride Included Her Stepson and His Mom in Her Wedding Vows and We're All a Sobbing Mess

This Bride Included Her Stepson and His Mom in Her Wedding Vows and We're All a Sobbing Mess

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Many often think of weddings as two becoming one, but sometimes there's a whole brood to blend. With children and stepchildren in the mix, a marriage becomes about the joining of two families as well. This bride took that sentiment to heart and on her wedding day, wrote vows for not just her new husband, but also for her stepson-and his mom. Grab the Kleenex for this one.

When Katie Musser first began dating her future husband, Jeremy, he revealed that he had a six-year-old son named Landon with his ex, Casey. And as Katie revealed in a recent Facebook post, her relationship with Casey had a rather rocky start. "Landon's mom (Casey) and I hated each other," Katie wrote. "So many stories, rumors, and judgements, but what would you expect? That's all we ever saw. That's the norm. You don't like the 'other person.'"

But months later, Katie sought to change their toxic dynamic. "One day, I woke up and thought, 'I truly hate who I have become,'" she said. "I didn't want this for the rest of my life. So, right before Landon's first birthday, I reached out to Casey."

What began with tentative meetings and "mommy dates" blossomed into a true friendship. And after Jeremy proposed and their wedding approached, Katie decided to incorporate both Casey and her husband, Tyler, into the ceremony. "I wanted them a part of our day. I couldn't thank them enough for everything."

Before the nuptials took place, Katie shared a special first look with the mother of her about-to-be stepson and presented Casey with a bracelet that matched the one her bridesmaids wore. Then during the ceremony, Katie surprised everyone with heartfelt vows she had written for both Casey and Tyler.

Seen in a video of the tearjerking moment, Katie said, “First, I want to thank you for accepting me as your friend and allowing me to be a part of Landon's life. I promise to be an amazing mother to your son. I will guide, teach and love him every single day.”

"I promise to respect, work, listen, and communicate together as co-parents," she continued. "I will love you guys no matter what comes our way. We are one family, always."

Then, turning to the now four-year-old Landon, Katie read the vows she had penned for her stepson. "Landon, I will love you more than you will ever know," she told the little boy. "I'm so happy that I now officially get to be your bonus mommy."

"I promise to stand by you, listen to you and love you every day," continued Katie. "I promise to love daddy with all my heart. I promise to be a best friend to mommy and your daddy Tyler. We will be one big family that I promise you will have for the rest of your life.”

Unsurprisingly, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

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Since the nuptials, the wedding video has been circulating as inspiration to co-parents everywhere. “It meant more to us both than anyone could imagine-we both want to help others see co-parenting can be done,” Katie later told the Huffington Post. "You do it for the child! It's not about you. Luckily, she and I developed a lifelong friendship."

Although Katie joked that she might've just tested that friendship by making Casey cry during the ceremony! “Casey wanted to kill me!” said Katie. "She told me 'Hey, a little warning would have been nice!'"