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Here's How to Grow Out Your Hair Ahead of Your Wedding

Here's How to Grow Out Your Hair Ahead of Your Wedding

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Dreaming of long, flowing locks for your wedding day? While you're most certainly going to need a haircut sometime right before your walk down the aisle, you want to be as close as possible to your desired bridal length when you go in for that pre-wedding trim. So, how exactly can you grow out your hair-and fast-for your wedding?

First, it's important to understand hair growth.

According to Nikki Klaczany, owner of the Up and Out salons in Hoboken, New Jersey, the average speed of hair growth is half an inch per month. While this rate can vary based on genetics, health, or age, this means that in a year's time hair grows on average about six inches.

To achieve your desired length by your wedding date, simply do the math to determine when you need to start growing your locks, being sure to adjust for trims along the way. “Running with that average of half inch per month, 18 months should yield about nine inches of growth. With perhaps two to three trims during that time, you could expect about seven to eight inches of healthy growth,” Klaczany explains. So if you're looking to grow your tresses an extra five inches, start about a year out from your wedding date.

Of course, growing and maintaining a healthy head of hair requires consistent care. And that means using the right products. Klaczany suggests adding a Biotin supplement to your daily vitamin regimen to promote healthy hair growth. (Always consult a doctor before adding any additional supplements to your routine.) “The unfortunate catch is that with Biotin, all hair grows-not just the hair you want to grow,” Klaczany warns. Better schedule a waxing appointment…

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Additionally, Klaczany suggests any professional brand of shampoo and conditioner, but she has her favorites. “I like the Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner from Moroccan Oil-I call this the 'OG,' or 'old faithful,' " she says. “It's been a favorite for many years. My clients and I always go back after trying something else for a bit. Lately, I've also been into Fusionplex by Wella Professionals, which contains amino acids to protect from breakage.”

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While many among us suffer from split ends, Klaczany says that there's unfortunately no true cure for them in between trims. However, she suggests another Moroccan Oil product called Mending Infusion to help smooth split and brittle ends and give them a fresh and healthy look in between trims.

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It can be natural to think that growing out your hair requires a lot of time, attention, and work. (And who has time for that while wedding planning?!) But in fact, it's often true that less is more. Don't try and get too creative with non-haircare products-Klaczany specifically notes that coconut oil is best to be avoided, as it has a smoke point of 350 degrees. Since curling and flat irons have a temperature range of 260 to 450 degrees, there's a good chance you'll end up seriously burning and singeing your hair. Bye-bye, gorgeous length!

To sum it all up, Klaczany suggests supporting healthy growth by eating a healthy diet, using professional products, spacing out your cuts, and using a deep conditioner twice a month. Also, to avoid breakage and other damage, Klaczany says to use a heat protectant while using hot tools and blow-drying, and to avoid using hair ties on wet locks.

Ultimately, Klaczany's main word of advice is one from the heart: “Treat your hair well, and your hair will love you back!”

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