Paris Hilton and Cardi B Just Realized They Have the Same Engagement Ring

Paris Hilton and Cardi B Just Realized They Have the Same Engagement Ring

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“Well, one of us is going to have to change.” That's how it usually goes when you accidentally show up wearing the exact same outfit as someone else (at least in sitcoms, anyway). But what about wearing the same engagement ring as another bride-to-be? How does one handle such a sparkly situation? Just ask Paris Hilton and Cardi B. The recently engaged celebs just realized that they're rocking rings that are strikingly similar.

Migos rapper Offset proposed to Cardi during Power 99 radio's Powerhouse concert this past fall with a giant-eight carats to be exact-pear-shaped diamond ring. Coincidentally, Paris Hilton's boyfriend (now fiancГ©), Chris Zylka, proposed to the heiress over a recent ski trip to Aspen with an almost identical ring.

The similarity was pointed out by a fan on Twitter who wrote, “Cardi B and Paris Hilton's are twinning with the pear shaped rings!”

Whatever will they do? Apparently nothing besides congratulate each other on this joyous occasion! Hilton responded to the tweet with all the grace and poise a socialite should possess.

“Our future hubby's obviously both have amazing & similar taste!😍💎 Congrats @iamcardib & @OffsetYRN! #LuckyGirls 👑👑 #RingGoals 💍,” she tweeted.

Let's be honest, she has nothing to be mad about. While, yes, the rings could appear identical to the naked eye, Hilton's is actually several carats larger.

Zylka splurged for a 20-carat, $2 million rock for his bride-to-be, while Offset shelled out a modest $500,000 (in comparison!) for Cardi's version, according to TMZ.

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Meanwhile, Offset and Cardi B aren't bothered by the comparison either. When asked about the similarity, Offset said, “Same thing… same type, same drip.”

“It's pretty,” Cardi chimed in.

While Hilton has yet to reveal any wedding plans, we're already wondering how her big day will compare to Cardi B's promisingly lavish affair. “The world is not ready for it.” Cardi told New York magazine of her upcoming nuptials.

Game. Set. Match.