Prince Harry Confesses That He "Had to Up His Game" After Meeting Meghan Markle

Prince Harry Confesses That He "Had to Up His Game" After Meeting Meghan Markle

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When it comes to cute modern-day love stories, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle take the cake, hands down. While the fact that they're basically living out a fairy tale is enough to make us swoon, it's also incredibly apparent that this royal duo is madly in love. It seems the pair hit it off right away, with Harry whisking his future bride off to Botswana at the very beginning of their courtship. (When you know, you know.) But, when the lovebirds first met on a blind date (yes, even royals get set up), Prince Harry had one thing other than "love at first sight" on his mind, and it's equally aww-worthy.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl, who wrote Harry: Life, Loss, and Love, reported to Entertainment Tonight the redheaded royal's thought process after first laying eyes on his fiancГ©e. "Harry said when he walked into that room and saw Meghan for the first time, he knew he had to up his game," says Nicholl. "There was this beautiful, glamorous actress, but I think it went far more than just a superficial initial connection. I was told really after those first couple of dates, he knew he had met someone very, very special; there was an immediate connection. I think they both knew. Was it love at first sight? I think it was."

Looks like Meghan Markle, everyone's #GirlCrush, can make even royalty weak in the knees. It's unclear what exactly Harry did to "up his game" after their first date in 2016, but he must have done something right, considering the two are set to walk down the aisle in two months! The private pair dished about the first time they met during a joint interview following their engagement, but they left out the cutesy specifics. They did reveal, however, that they both knew little to nothing about each other prior to the first date. Look how far they've come now.

While Nicholl thinks many people can be credited as the royal matchmakers, it's rumored that London socialite Violet von Westenholz originally set up Markle and Prince Harry. "I was told by my sources that it was Violet Von Westenholz, Harry's old friend and relatively a new friend for Meghan, who gave Harry Meghan's number," says Nicoll. Fast forward two years and the couple is choosing wedding cake flavors together.

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While most blind dates have the potential to turn out disastrous or incredibly awkward, we couldn't be happier that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's encounter is leading to royal wedding bells.


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