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How to Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free in Honeymoon Humidity

How to Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free in Honeymoon Humidity

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If you're headed to a tropical local on your honeymoon, you have gorgeous warm weather and crystal blue waters to look forward to. But unfortunately, frizz is also on the horizon. If you have frizz-prone hair, the humidity that the most beautiful honeymoon destinations often boast of can wreak havoc on your hair. Since you have a ton of honeymoon Instagrams to take-and don't really want unruly locks in every shot-we're sharing our top tips and favorite frizz-fighting products to take on your post-wedding getaway.

Below, everything you need to know to tame your mane for those #vacay Instagrams.

Treat Yourself to a Hair Mask

Dry hair is much more prone to frizz than healthy, hydrated hair. Before you board that plane, treat your thirsty strands to a super hydrating hair mask. Pack a travel-friendly mask in your suitcase to hydrate your hair while on vacay too.

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Use the Cool Setting on Your Hairdryer

Surely you know the disappointment of creating a perfect blowout in your hotel room, only to have your hair double in size the second you step outside. First of all, we applaud you for mustering up the energy to blow out your hair on vacation-so don't let all that hard work go to waste! After you've blow-dried each section with a round brush, hit it with a few seconds of the cold air setting until hair is completely cooled. This sets your hair in place before the humidity gets to it. It's basically what a setting spray is to your makeup.

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Wash Your Hair at Night

Stepping into hot and sticky temperatures with wet roots is a bad hair day waiting to happen. If you know you won't have time to dry your hair in the morning, wash it and run a frizz-fighting serum from mid-lengths through the ends before bed. Pro tip: Choose a serum with silicone in it to coat each strand and lock out humidity. Sleep with your hair in a braid or two low buns to let your serum really seep into your strands, and you'll wake up with the perfect beach waves.

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Work Around the Frizz

When in doubt, you can always go with the sleek wet look-you'll look sophisticated and totally pulled together. Tie towel-dried hair into a tight low bun with a center part, or high ponytail-braid hybrid. Just make sure to combat fly-aways with a strong-hold hair wax before stepping out.

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