7 Hilarious Tweets About Being a Wedding Guest

7 Hilarious Tweets About Being a Wedding Guest

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Think being a wedding guest comes without any specific tasks? Turns out, you'll have a good amount of things to prepare for before heading to a wedding for a friend or family member. As a guest, you'll want to remember to send in an RSVP card, pick out the perfect outfit that fits with the wedding dress code, and buy a gift that's just right for the couple. While you're counting down the days until you can get down on the dance floor, flirt with the open bar, and revel in the joy and happiness, it's important to know what to fully expect before the big day arrives.

To help you fully prepare for your wedding guest status, here are seven hilarious tweets about what it's like to prepare for and show up at a wedding as a guest.

1. RSVPing Isn't As Easy As it Should Be

One of the only major things you need to remember before the wedding rolls around is RSVPing. Letting the couple know that you're down to party should be easier than having to remember to check a box on a card, put it in an envelope, and place it in your mailbox. But since it's not, forgetting to RSVP is something that'll easily slip your mind until the couple hounds you for an answer.

2. Figuring Out What to Wear is Just a Bunch of Eye Rolls

When the dress code has been sent your way and now you know if you have to wear black tie, formal wear, or a specific color or theme to the wedding, getting an outfit you adore can take a long time. The best thing you can do to outfit shop is start early, order a few different options, and wait to see which one you're in the mood to put on when the wedding day comes around.

3. Engaging With Other Guests Can Be Annoying

If your table at the wedding is filled with a bunch of strangers, or worse, a bunch of married people with kids when you're flying solo, it can be a drag to have to spend the night making conversation and playing the “getting to know you game."

4. Going YOLO at the Open Bar Can Be Rough

One of the most dangerous parts of being a wedding guest is the open bar. Knowing that you can snag as many mixed drinks, cold beers, glasses of wine, or shots as you want throughout the night may mess up your normal drink pace from a typical night out, leaving you with a nasty hangover the next day.

5. Believing in Love is Messy

When you're only close with one half of the couple getting married, figuring out what kind of gift to give or what to write in the card can leave you with a giant question mark floating around in your head. Even if you're not 100% in approval of the marriage, as a guest you want to show up and show support the best that you can.

6. Dealing With Being Single at Wedding is Tough

If you're one of the only single people at a wedding, chances are you'd rather be spending your Saturday night anywhere other than at a party celebrating eternal love. Being a solo wedding guest might bug you so much that you almost wish the couple paid you to be there.

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7. Waiting to Get Called for the Buffets Makes You Hangry

Having a buffet dinner at a wedding has the major perk of helping yourself to as many extra servings as you'd like without being judged. But one of the downsides of a buffet dinner is having to wait patiently until the DJ calls your table, which can make you extra 'hangry'.