This Maldives Resort Is the Ultimate Destination for a Luxury Bachelorette Party

This Maldives Resort Is the Ultimate Destination for a Luxury Bachelorette Party

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As any bride or bridesmaid can attest to, getting the entire bridal party to agree on a destination for your bachelorette party is no easy task. Unless of course the destination in question boasts overwater villas, turquoise blue waters, powdery white sand beaches, and personal butlers. (We probably had your entire girl gang at "overwater villas," didn't we?) Such is the case with Joali Maldives, a luxury resort floating in the Indian Ocean where you and your bridesmaids can soak in private infinity pools, sip artisanal cocktails in private cabanas, and snorkel among colorful tropical fish and magical coral reefs. It checks off all the boxes when it comes to destination bachelorette parties-and then some! (Have we mentioned the endless Instagram opportunities?)

If the faraway flight is in your bridesmaids' schedule and budgets, then Joali is the locale everyone will, without a doubt, be onboard with. In fact, we're calling it now: This Maldives resort is the ultimate destination for a luxury bachelorette party. Read the top nine reasons why, below!

1. An Airport Transfer With Spectacular Views

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After flying into MalГ©, you'll board a seaplane that'll jet you off to Joali Maldives. (Guests arriving after 3 p.m. will take a quick 35-minute domestic flight-soaring over tons of tiny islands and bright blue waters-and then a 15-minute speedboat ride.) It's the perfect welcome to the Maldives, and you haven't even stepped foot on your private island yet! (Yes, Joali is its own private island. Ahh!)

2. Overwater Villas

Courtesy of Maldives Joali

You've double-tapped the Instagrams, now you get to stay in one! Joali's water villas are as lavish as they come, with spacious sun decks, in-room infinity pools, and steps that lead right into the glittering Indian Ocean. Relax on the roomy hammock that hangs directly over the blue water and when it comes time for sunset, pop open some bubbly and toast to the weekend as you drink in the unreal views.

3. Personal Butlers

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Sure, it sounds bougie. But it's your bachelorette party-live it up, bride! At Joali Maldives, each party is provided with their very own personal butler who can make all your bachelorette party dreams a reality. You'll be given a cell phone when you arrive so you can contact your butler at any time to set up dinner reservations, spa treatments, excursions, and more. Need someone to snap some pics of the whole group? Your butler's got your back. Plus, they'll handle all those pesky details, like airport transfers and luggage pickups. Is this what it's like to be Meghan Markle? Because we could get used to this…

4. Next-Level Beaches (and Cocktails to Match)

Courtesy of Joali Maldives

The resort is edged with other-worldly beaches that feature powder-sugar sand and the most crystal-clear, bright blue water we bet you have ever seen. Drink in the Maldivian sunshine under the canopy of palm trees, or cozy up on a plush cabana with your besties and a cocktail in hand. Be sure to take advantage of the beach and poolside waiter service. The drinks are boozy and refreshing-everything you want during a bachelorette weekend! (The Kekuri-featuring Belvedere vodka, Midori Melon, fresh lime and pineapple juice, and basil-is a must-sip.) If it gets too hot, take a dip in the gentle, bath-water-temperature surf.

5. A Foodie's Dream-Come-True

Courtesy of Joali Maldives

Joali boasts four restaurants, all offering fresh, yummy noms that'll have everyone in your party wanting seconds. Our favorite is Saoke, a Japanese restaurant serving up mouthwatering sushi, where you'll dine on an outdoor deck over the water and watch fish and rays swim by. There's also the Street Food Market, a unique experience where several food stations featuring local Maldivian cuisine and fresh seafood are set up on the beach and guests can graze to their heart's content.

6. A Serene Spa

Courtesy of Joali Maldives

Among the palm trees lies the property's spa. There, wedding planning stress and seating chart chaos will seem thousands of miles away. (Technically, it actually is thousands of miles away, but you get the point.) Because a bachelorette isn't complete without a little R&R, you can indulge in therapeutic and tailor-made treatments that'll renew and refresh, especially after that long flight and copious cocktails. Try a mindful massage, a holistic and relaxing experience that begins with breathing and visualization techniques, moves to an all-over body rub, and finishes with a scalp massage using warm rose-quartz crystals to calm both mind and body. The spa also offers ocean-view treatment rooms, a private spa beach, and outdoor vitality pools with air and water massage jets. You'll be turning to one another, asking, "Is this real life?!"

7. Amazing Adventures

Courtesy of Joali Maldives

If your girl group prefers action and adventure over snoozing on a beach, you're in luck. You'll find an incredible array of activities here. Try stand-up paddleboarding or go kayaking in a glass-bottom boat that'll allow you to view all the magic going on down below. The Maldives is also incredibly famous for its snorkeling and scuba diving, so taking the plunge is an absolute must! You can borrow complimentary snorkel equipment and explore the local coral reefs and swim alongside colorful fish and rays. You can also sign up for scuba diving excursions if you're hungry for more.

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8. Self-Care Heaven

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Take your #selfcaresunday to new heights. Connect with your friends and leave the Maldives feeling like your best you by partaking in the resort's wellness indulgences. Start your day with a private sunrise Pilates session on an ocean pier, take an aerial yoga class in hanging hammocks, or try some mindful meditation to de-stress. If some hardcore self-care is more your speed, try an Island Bootcamp class for a serious sweat session.

9. Endless Instagram Opportunities

Courtesy of Joali Maldives

Joali asserts itself as the first and only art-immersive resort in the Maldives. This mean thoughtful and opulent interiors, art, and sculptural pieces embedded throughout the island-and Instagram opportunities at every turn! There are tons of places to snap pics, from woven basket chairs to a giant manta-ray-shaped tree house, an absolute must, by the way, for its spectacular ocean views (and you can even dine in it!). Prepare for the double-taps to roll in.