Ashley Iaconetti May Have Found Her Wedding Dress

Ashley Iaconetti May Have Found Her Wedding Dress

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Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon's proposal hasn't even aired on Bachelor In Paradise yet, but the bride-to-be is already wedding dress shopping. Iaconetti went to Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City over the weekend to start looking.

"I'm going wedding dress shopping today!!!" Iaconetti shared on Instagram wearing bridal white. Her consultant for the day was Diane from TLC's Say Yes To The Dress, and from the looks of her social media, she tried on no shortage of dresses.

Iaconetti gave her fans a sneak peak of what she could look like on her wedding day, posting a photo in one dress she tried on. “Jared, don't look!” she teased in the caption. “Just kidding. I did not say yes to this dress. But it'll be a ball gown for sure. Some of my favorite options so far are in my insta story!”

Iaconetti expressed to Us Weekly just days before her shopping trip what she is looking for. “It's got to be strapless, sweetheart," she said. "I think princess ball gown. I can wear like a mermaid or a form-fitting dress at any event I go to, so I kind of want to do the ball gown, which I can't do at any other time.”

On her Instagram story she posted a series of contenders hidden with emojis that definitely fit this description. Peeking out behind a bride emoji, one dress featured a tulle skirt and strapless appliqué bodice. “I might actually get this,” she captioned it. “So you can't see!!”

Other dresses featured long trains and sweetheart necklines, and one was even special enough to get the store's “jacked up” treatment, meaning they get to try a veil and other accessories to give them the full bridal effect. Brides usually end up saying yes to the jacked up look, but Iaconetti isn't spilling any details yet.

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As for the rest of their wedding style, Iaconetti and Haibon have started nailing down some other details. The have settled on tying the knot in the groom's home state of Rhode Island and are shooting for next summer.

“We are thinking Rhode Island, Newport, Rhode Island, just like right now, because he's from Rhode Island,” she told Us Weekly. “I've always just wanted to get married in a beach setting, and there's the beach, so we both are happy.”

In addition to her fairytale location and ball gown wedding dress, Iaconetti has more princess wedding plans in mind. “I've always thought, when it comes to themes, a little bit of a Titanic, movie Titanic, maybe a little Aladdin in there,” she said. “A little magical carpet, that color scheme, and we're like Jasmine and Aladdin. Or at least we like to think we are.”

Here's hoping their love story unfolds more like a Disney movie with no sinking ship in sight.


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