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5 Secrets to Maintaining Your Bridal Blowout From Your Ceremony to the Honeymoon

5 Secrets to Maintaining Your Bridal Blowout From Your Ceremony to the Honeymoon

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Is there anything better than a fresh and bouncy blowout? With the exception of getting all your RSVPs in on time and hearing your fiancГ©'s heartfelt vows-nope! There truly isn't. We know that after an hour in the stylist's chair (or straining our arms under the weight of an at-home hairdryer), we want our blowouts to last forever. But, unfortunately, all good things-your wedding included-must come to an end eventually. The good news? There are steps you can take to maintain the life of your blowout in between washes, saving you both time and money. What bride-to-be can't use more of those?

Brides spoke with Adam Livermore, Oribe educator, on all of the tips and tricks of maintaining your bridal blowout. Follow them and you can make the gorgeous style you got the morning of your wedding last until your honeymoon. (Sunset selfies, here you come!)

Preserve Your Blowout

When it comes to preserving your blowout, Livermore recommends choosing your products carefully. “Less is usually more when it comes to a lasting blowout,” he explains to Brides.

Initially, he says that all you need is something for hold and something for moisture-and it depends on your hair texture, too. In regards to prep products, styling and blowout creams are key. He recommends Oribe Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Creme for fine or flat hair, and Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream for curly or frizzy hair. “They both protect the hair and transform the texture completely,” notes Livermore.

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All good things require maintenance and your blowout is no exception. Be sure to touch it up every day, Livermore advises, by utilizing a good dry shampoo on the roots "to absorb sebaceous oil and dry-clean your hair." He also recommends using a restyling spray, like Oribe Mystify Restyling Spray, “on the lengths for refreshing moisture and adding memory and hold.” You can finish your touch-up session with a round brush and blow-dryer, if desired.

Oribe Mystify Restyling Spray

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Beware of Too Many Products

While it's tempting to try all the products on the salon shelves, if you are aiming to have your blowout last a week, try to show some restraint. Livermore warns, “Too many products, especially if they're volumizing or texturizing products, will limit how long your blowout will last… I choose one key product that addresses the specific needs of the texture I'm working with.”

Know Your Hair

It's important to maintain reasonable expectations in managing your blowouts, too. By understanding how texture and even hair colors can react to blowouts, you'll be better equipped to care for it. Livermore explains, “Usually blowouts last longer on coarse textures and dark colors. With the very lightest blondes and finest textures, sometimes even one day's worth of sebaceous oil on the scalp becomes a problem that you can see and feel.”

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Prime Blowout Time

If you're struggling to figure out when to schedule your appointment pre-wedding, it's largely an individual preference. Livermore says, “I think a fresh blowout always looks best. But for some textures, a fresh blowout can have a bit too many flyaways or feel a bit too 'done'. In that case, it usually looks better after the second-day touch-up.”

Many brides-to-be opt for a blowout the day before their wedding, so they'll have freshly blown-out hair for their rehearsal dinner and then perfect, updo-ready second-day hair for the main event.