Erin Foster is Engaged to Boyfriend Simon Tikhman

Erin Foster is Engaged to Boyfriend Simon Tikhman

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Looks like another Foster is getting married! Erin Foster, the daughter of musician David Foster, is engaged to boyfriend Simon Tikhman. Surprisingly, it was neither Foster nor Tikham that revealed the news. Instead, Foster's older sister Sara had the honor of announcing the couple's engagement.

Sara broke the exciting news to the world via Instagram with the comedic caption, "Ladies, i guess the moral of the story is stay crazy because apparently it gets you a ring." The photo features a beaming Erin showing off her new bling: a giant oval diamond ring.

While we aren't sure exactly how the proposal went down, we bet Tikhman got down on one knee at the Napa Valley Reserve in California. Of course, the pair got the seal-of-approval from Sara!

A swarm of celebrities have flooded the comments to with the newly-engaged congratulations including Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Ashley Graham. Bridal designer Monique Lhuillier event sent her best wishes commenting, "Yesssss!!! Congrats." We wouldn't be opposed to seeing this bride-to-be wear a Lhuillier creation down the aisle!

It seems as though Erin has been anxiously awaiting a proposal from Tikhman for a while now. Last month, the pair spent two weeks vacationing in Italy and came back to the States with no ring on her finger. "This man took me to Italy for two weeks and didn't propose," she captioned an Instagram post from the trip.

The Foster family has had their fair share of exciting marriage news this year. Erin's father, David, married former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee during a London ceremony in June 2019.

Now, it's Erin's turn to wear white!

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