Couple Hilariously Falls Out of a Boat During Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Couple Hilariously Falls Out of a Boat During Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

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The pre-wedding photo shoot is on the checklist for many brides and grooms in the lead-up to their big days. Some use the images for engagement announcements, others just to mark the special time in their lives.

But one couple in India recently had an ill-fated shoot for their save-the-dates that neither one will likely ever forget. The Daily Mail first reported the story of Tijin Thankachen and Silpa who were being photographed in a canoe in the Pamba river in the south Indian state of Kerala. In the video, the couple holds a giant banana leaf over their heads as rain begins to trickle down.

The photographer then directs the couple to lean in closer for a kiss when the canoe tips over and dumps both the bride and groom into the water, soaking them thoroughly. Not to worry, the water was shallow, nobody was hurt, and the Daily Mail reports that the group was laughing as Tijin pulled his fiancГ©e from the water.

The day's events went viral after Roy Lawrence, of Weddplanner Wedding Studio, posted the video to Facebook. The video does show off their gorgeous save the dates, that used an image of from the shoot, pre-boat capsize.

Tijin and Silpa are set to be married on May 6. While it's a bummer they didn't use the iconic images of them falling into the water as their save-the-dates, here's hoping they're save them for something special during the reception.

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