29 Stylish Bridal Shower Dresses for Summer Brides

29 Stylish Bridal Shower Dresses for Summer Brides

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Zara Lace Dress

Courtesy of Zara

SHOP NOW: Zara, $69.90

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Courtesy of H&M

H&M Lace Dress

SHOP NOW: H&M, $79.99

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Eloquii Button Front Puff Sleeve Dress

Courtesy of Eloquii

SHOP NOW: Eloquii, $89.95

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Mango Embroidered Midi Dress

Courtesy of Mango

SHOP NOW: Mango, $119.99

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Wilfred Alba Dress Long Sleeveless Dress

Courtesy of Aritzia

SHOP NOW: Aritzia, $168

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Lenon Asymmetrical Eyelet Dress

Courtesy of Nordstrom

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $202

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Silk Laundry 90s Silk Slip Dress Chinese Tie Dye

Courtesy of Silk Laundry

SHOP NOW: Silk Laundry, $206

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Reformation Emmie Dress

Courtesy of Reformation

SHOP NOW: Reformation, $218

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Anthropologie Garden Party Dress

Courtesy of Anthropologie

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $240

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Jill Jill Stuart Sarah Dress

Courtesy of Jill Jill Stuart

SHOP NOW: Jill Jill Stuart , $268

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Ganni Floral Print Mesh Dress

Courtesy of Nordstrom

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $280

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Rhode Emi Dress

Courtesy of Rhode

SHOP NOW: Rhode, $295

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Saylor Cole Dress

Courtesy of Saylor

SHOP NOW: Saylor, $286

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La Vie Catrine Ruched Dress

Courtesy of Rebecca Taylor

SHOP NOW: Rebecca Taylor, $295

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Shona Joy Sophia Dot-Print Plunged V-Neck Ruffle Mini Peplum Dress

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

SHOP NOW: Neiman Marcus, $320

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Rixo London Stare Floral Dress

Courtesy of Farfetch

SHOP NOW: Farfetch, $390

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Les Reveries One Shoulder Ruffle Mini Dress

Courtesy of Intermix

SHOP NOW: Intermix, $395

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Kisuii Luna Tie Shoulder Maxi Dress

Courtesy of Intermix

SHOP NOW: Intermix, $395

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Tory Burch Linen Ruffle Dress

Courtesy of Tory Burch

SHOP NOW: Tory Burch, $398

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SГ©zane Magalie Dress

Courtesy of SГ©zane

SHOP NOW: SГ©zane, $410

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Merlette Paradis Dress

Courtesy of Merlette

SHOP NOW: Merlette, $420

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Mara Hoffman Paulina Dress

Courtesy of Mara Hoffman

SHOP NOW: Mara Hoffman, $450

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See By ChloГ© Cotton Maxi Dress

Courtesy of Mytheresa

SHOP NOW: Mytheresa, $459

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Self-Portrait Crescent Print Maxi

Courtesy of Intermix

SHOP NOW: Intermix, $485

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Allen Schwartz Raine Bustier Dress

Courtesy of Allen Schwartz

SHOP NOW: Allen Schwartz , $485

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Sea Naomie Dress

Courtesy of Sea

SHOP NOW: Sea, $495

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Zimmermann Scallop Dress

Courtesy of Zimmermann

SHOP NOW: Zimmermann, $495

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LoveShackFancy Angie Floral Maxi Dress

Courtesy of Intermix

SHOP NOW: Intermix, $495

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Tanya Taylor Inez Dress

Courtesy of Tanya Taylor

SHOP NOW: Tanya Taylor, $545


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