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What You Should Eat on Your Wedding Day to Feel Your Best

What You Should Eat on Your Wedding Day to Feel Your Best

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Wedding Day Checklist: glam team arrives at 9 a.m., photographer at 10 a.m., flowers at 11 a.m… what are you forgetting? Food! Some brides forget to eat and others avoid it for fear of bloat, but the truth is the key to looking your best that day is to use food as fuel and to eat often, according to registered dietician Danielle Colley. We've got a plan so you won't need to even think about your next bite, whether you're fearful of nauseous butterflies or want to sustain that healthy body you busted so hard to earn in bridal boot camp. Prepare to look lean, feel energized, and calm a nervous tummy with Colley's helpful tips.

It's Still the Most Important Meal of the Day, Even on Your Wedding Day

No one likes a "hangry" bride: do yourself a favor and eat a light breakfast. "With all the commotion and emotion of the day, you need to start with breakfast to help keep you going and glowing," Colley says. She suggests peanut butter toast with a side of fruit, Greek yogurt with granola or a small whole-grain bagel with light cream cheese. The whole-grain-fat combo will energize you without the bloat and help fight off nausea that could come with pre-wedding butterflies.

Eat Often With a Light Lunch and Snacks

This may sound impossible, but chances are you will forget to eat. "Eat whenever you can!" Colley says. "On your wedding day there is so much going on and so many people to visit with that you may not get much of a chance to eat."

Try a light protein and vegetable lunch if your schedule permits and enlist a bridesmaid to keep snacks around. Good options are almonds, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, half a turkey sandwich, apples, string cheese, and protein/snack bars, Colley says.

Eat With Your Guests

A good rule of thumb: whenever your guests are eating, you should be eating. "Even a few bites can help keep you dancing the night away," Colley says. During your cocktail hour, have a friend or bridal assistant grab you a mix of Hors d'oeuvres to snack on while you bustle your dress or mingle. Try a receiving line following the ceremony so you have a chance to sit down and enjoy your dinner with your new husband.

Sip Lightly

Nervous energy or pure joy and celebration can cause you to over imbibe. Limit yourself to one cocktail every two hours, Colley says. If you're concerned about bloat, skip the pre-wedding champagne as carbonated beverages fill your stomach with air, she adds.

Keep the Water Flowing

To paraphrase Zoolander, "Water is the Essence of Beauty." Aim for eight cups of flatwater per day on your wedding day and two days prior, Colley says. "Dehydration leads to dull skin," she adds. To get and stay glowing keep sipping and eat water-filled foods like watermelon, cucumbers, and citrus.


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