20 Chic Ideas for a Halloween-Themed Rehearsal Dinner

20 Chic Ideas for a Halloween-Themed Rehearsal Dinner

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There's no better way to celebrate the eve of your October wedding day than with a haunted bash. Choose from chic Old Hallows Eve décor-think pumpkins and lace spider webs-or go for a full-on Halloween-themed rehearsal dinner with spooky treats and ghoulish centerpieces. Whatever haunt you choose, be it vampire fangs or candy corn shots, your guests will be howling at the moon for more-and they'll get it… the next day after you say, "I do!"

Pumpkin Centerpiece

For a classic centerpiece, use mini pumpkins and pretty candles on top of a tray or runner. To up the spook-factor, use black or purple candles, then decorate the tray and pumpkin vines with plastic spiders. Get the DIY here.

Courtesy of Sophia's DГ©cor

Candy Corn Jello Shots

Get the party started with a round of everybody's favorite Halloween candy-but in shot form. In three layers, made of condensed milk, orange Jell-o, and yellow food coloring, your guests will get a sweet treat and a healthy dose of vanilla vodka. Get the recipe here.

Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Mummy Poppers

Give a nod to your mummy and mummy-in-law with these mummy jalapeГ±o poppers. For a spooky serving trick, lay them on the table in a coffin-shaped tray or box. Get the recipe here.

Courtesy of The Hopeless Housewife

Wedding Jack-o-Lanterns

Pumpkin carving and Halloween go hand-in-hand, so make your creations wedding-themed this year. Carve your wedding date, your names, or a heart into some pumpkins for rehearsal dinner dГ©cor, or you can buy a set (Custom-carved pumpkins, $130 for 3, Purple Ink Graphics).

Courtesy of Purple Ink Graphics

Halloween Sushi

Ask the restaurant to serve your guests some haunted sushi. With the basic ingredients on-hand for regular sushi (mainly sticky rice, nori, and salmon) they can create a skull, pumpkin, or black cat. Get the recipe here.

Courtesy of Chopstick Chronicles

Caramel Apples

You don't have to have your guests bob for apples at this Halloween bash. Instead, offer them dessert on a stick-in the form of chocolate and caramel covered apple slices. Plus, slices are much easier to bite into! Get the recipe here.

Courtesy of Domestically Blissful

Masquerade Wear

If you feel uncomfortable asking guests to arrive in costume, offer them one instead! Place a lace masquerade mask at each seat (they're available in black and white) so everyone can get into the spirit! But find a special pair for you and your fiancГ©-you'll want to stand out at this ball (Handmade lace mask, 99 cents each, Light in the Box).

Courtesy of Light in the Box

Bloody Punch

Hauntingly beautiful-and delicious-this blood orange punch is a classic Halloween treat without having to whip out the cauldron. Blackberry soda (and fresh berries) give it its chillingly dark color, and blood orange juice and lime lend a nice sweet and tart note. Oh, and did we mention the rum? Get the recipe here.

Courtesy of Heather Christo

Fang-Tastic Table Display

Take a bite out of this idea: spray paint plastic vampire teeth silver then use them to hold napkins or escort cards in place. Your guests will be totally vamped, err… , we mean amped over this one! Get the DIY here.

Courtesy of Oriental Trading

Spider Soup

Don't be surprised if guests give a little shrill when you serve black bean soup with a sour cream spider web on top. Go the distance and add a spider-shaped piece of pumpernickel bread on the side for an extra fright. Get the recipe here.

Courtesy of A Food Centric Life

Zombie Bowling

If you're the type of couple who likes to incorporate games into your nights out, consider this dead-lightful one. Paint foam heads to look like zombies, then provide guests with the bowling ball. It's the easiest win over a zombie apocalypse they could ever ask for. Get the DIY here.

Courtesy of Happy Hour Projects

Broken Glass Cupcakes

No, the chef didn't cut his finger-but your guests might not be so sure. Red velvet cupcakes topped with sugar "broken glass" make for a frightfully delicious dessert. Be warned: you'll want to cut into more than one. Get the recipe here.

Courtesy of Easy Baked

Spider Web Table Runner

Whatever your centerpieces, lay them on top of a lace spider web runner-and don't forget to include plenty of plastic spiders along the table to match (Table running, $24.65, Sin in Linen).

Courtesy of Sin in Linen

Dracula Cookies

Nothing is better than a cookie bar at your party-especially when it's one that guests can really sink their teeth into. They'll be doing just that with these vampire-inspired cookies, made with red frosting, marshmallows, and almond sliver fangs. Get the recipe here.

Courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything

Pumpkin Vase

For a classic look, use Halloween's standard gourd as a vase on every table. Just carve out the center and scoop out as much flesh as possible. Then add in seasonally colored flowers or go the spooky route and use black and purple roses. Get the DIY here.

Courtesy of Jenny Steffens Hobick

Witch's Popcorn Bar

Double, double, toil, and trouble-you'll want to set up this popcorn bar on the double! Set up an area where guests can snack and fill plastic cauldrons with various flavors of popcorn. Come up with creative names that sound like a witch's potion to label each cauldron. Get the DIY here.

Courtesy of Catch My Party

Potion Candle Holders

Speaking of potions, those apothecary witch's jars make pretty creative candle holders. Use the best potion ingredients to light your table and scare your guests as to what's in their dinner (Candleholders, $30 for 3, KarensWineSeller).

Courtesy of KarensWineSeller

Ghostly Pretzels

There will be no boo-hooing over these sweet snacks! White chocolate covered pretzels with candy eyes will be the perfect treat (and yes, trick) to get your guests through the night. Get the recipe here.

Courtesy of Dessert Now Dinner Later

Witch Hat Luminaries

Floating candles are one thing, but floating witches' hats are a spook of another color. This magical display is easy to create with battery-operated candles and fishing wire-and it adds the perfect charm to your wedding eve dinner. Get the DIY here.

Courtesy of Polka Dot Chair

Mummified Brie

Cheese fiends will have this haunted affair all wrapped up. Start the meal off with creamy brie, wrapped like a mummy in phyllo dough and topped with olive-green eyes. Add raspberry or blackberry jam to the inside for one "bloody" surprise when everyone cuts in. Get the recipe here.

Courtesy of Macheesmo


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